That was easy. Anyone looking for a new Mastodon admin? Seems I'm a natural.

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Lewd, horny 

@Garrison Not very obedient, though.

D/s, butt 

My new slut boy wants to know if you think he's pretty. He took these pictures for you.

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@Garrison No, but I could help you out there.

Lewd, horny 

@Garrison Don't get used to preferential treatment.

Lewd, horny 

@Garrison Alright, I'll make an exception for you, but only once. You can send nudes once you get home.

Lewd, horny 

Send nudes. Seriously, send me nudes, right now.

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This just popped into my head. Someone used to have it as their avatar and it never stopped being funny to me

I actually used to be a sub when I was younger. Like, completely slutty and obedient. I find it really amazing how that side of me seems to have completely disappeared over time. But I think it helps me understand my subs' needs and feelings.

Got me a nice slut boy as an online sub, could call it an early Christmas gift to myself.

@lovefeet Hello and welcome to the clinic! I hope you'll like it here!

Honestly, the best way to promote this instance is actively using your account, so get out there, talk to people, and of course tell your subs to create accounts on here. 😉


Suck my cock! Yes, you!

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Kink, sex, communication 

I don't get why, but waayyyyyy too many people just...don't negotiate? They try to jump right into it and it's a huge red flag. Not necessarily a red flag of malevolent intent, but definitely a flag of "does not know what they're doing and could easily hurt me through negligence/ignorance."

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Kink, sex, communication 

There is no one-size-fits-all sub (nor Dom). Everyone is into different stuff. That's why you have to NE-GO-TI-ATE a scene before you do it.

Some people love anal. Some people are triggered by it. Some people love being choked. Some people have panic attacks. Some people like being growled at like a feral animal. Others (me) find it kinda silly and start rolling their eyes.

Talk to your sexual partners. Find out what they're into. What's on their list of favorite things to do during intimacy? If you don't show interest, you might just find yourself falling off of that list.

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Objectification, as a consensual kink 

Lesson 1: You wouldn't have tits if they weren't supposed to be exposed for my pleasure

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Bdsm "discourse" 

Hey being a "good sub" doesn't mean you let me do literally whatever I want to do; I can always go harder, I can always be rougher, but a sub deserves to feel Safe and has the right and responsibility to establish their boundaries and communicate with their dom.
You don't have to be willing to do anything for your dom to be a good sub, and if you have a dom that is saying otherwise then THEY are toxic.

Oral sex 

My sub is so eager to learn how to deepthroat and she's doing such a great job, it's unbelievable.

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